Candle Burn Times

Candle Burn Times will always vary depending on the placement of your candle in your home.  For example: Drafty areas will cause your candle to burn slightly quicker.


Burn times will also vary depending on the height of your wick above the wax.  The longer the wick, the higher/hotter the flame will be causing the candle to burn quicker.  Always trim the wick to 1/8" above the wax before each burn session.


Soy wax has a burn memory.  You can extend your candles burn time by allowing the candle to burn (the first time lit) long enough for the wax pool to reach the edge of the jar or tin.  This may take anywhere from 1-2 hours.  Allowing them to melt to the edges of the container on the first burn will help prevent the wax from tunneling or burning down the center leaving wax along the edges of the container.

Another factor that impacts your candle's burn time is the length of time you burn your candle.  Candles should only be allowed to burn for a maximum of 4 hours.  Burning longer than this is a safety hazard and will shorten the life span of the candle.

We cannot guarantee our candle's burn time due to the above factors.  However, here are some average burn times to give you an idea on what you might expect:



7-10 hours


Candle Tins:

 4 oz Tin: 20-25 hours
6 oz Tin: 30-35 hours
8 oz Tin: 40-45 hours
16 oz Tin: 50-55 hours


Glass Jars:

 3 oz Jar: 20-25 hours
8 oz Jar: 50-55 hours
9 oz Jar: 60-65 hours
10 oz Jar: 70-75 hours
11 oz Jar: 75-80 hours
12 oz Jar: 85-90 hours
16 oz Jar: 105-110 hours
18 oz Jar: 110-115 hours
24 oz Jar: 165-170 hours