Menthol XL Shower Steamer

Fragranced menthol shower steamers just in time for cold and flu season.  


Place on the floor of your shower at the edge of the water stream.  The water will activate the steamer and release the menthol and fragrance.  The further into the water stream the more intense the release of fragrance.


We have three fragrances to choose from:

     Rainforest:  Sweet citrus, blooming jasmine, and blonde woods. 

     Sleepy Time: A wonderful relaxing blend of  lavender and vanilla fragrance.

     Sinus Relief: A blend of effervescent camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and rosemary.


All are phthalate free essential oil/fragrance oil blends.

You will receive ONE package containing and XL 3+oz steamer.


Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Fragrance, Menthol Crystals, 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Color (each may include one or all: FDC Lakes Blue 1, Red 27, Yellow 5)


For lighter steaming action just barely let the water hit it a few rounds to release the menthol and fragrance.  You may get several showers out of the steamer this way.


For heavier action place in the full on stream to kick it into high gear.  Say goodbye to that stuffy nose!!


WARNING: SHOWER USAGE ONLY!!  Keep away from children.  Do not ingest or get in eyes, on skin, or other mucous membranes.  


Please do not use this in a bath as it contains menthol crystals that will cause an extreme burning sensation in direct contact.  A tingling sensation may be experience on your feet after your shower.  This is common.  If you do not wish to experience it simply place the steamer between you and the drain so the water runoff does not carry the menthol onto your feet.

Menthol XL Shower Steamer

  • This product contains menthol.  It is not intended for you in bath water.  Shower usage only as the menthol may cause a burning sensation on the skin in bath water.

  • We do NOT accept returns on our shower steamers at this time.  Once they are out of our supervision, we do not feel comfortable selling them to someone else.  Should you have an issue with your order, please contact us to discuss your options or see our Return Policy page for more information.

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